Complementary relationship of qualitative and quantitative research

complementary relationship of qualitative and quantitative research

Qualitative and quantitative researchers often operate with a different both qualitative and quantitative approaches can complement rather than nature of reality, the intimate relationship between the researcher and what. The organizational cultures of two small manufacturers were analyzed using qualitative and quantitative assessment methods. This article describes not only. In terms of the relationship between quantitative and qualitative research, .. and quantitative data, contributing to results that mutually complement each other.

To that end, both studies were simultaneously developed; that is, both qualitative and quantitative data were simultaneously collected and analyzed. Integration of data was achieved at the end of the research to identify the results convergence and divergence.

As for the execution time of the research, planning is needed so that all stages are undertaken with quality according to ethical principles. A research team to help with data collection was organized under the careful supervision of the main researchers in order to maintain the quality of data collected.

It is also important to highlight that the development of mixed methods research demands good knowledge of the epistemological and operational aspects of quantitative and qualitative approaches.

complementary relationship of qualitative and quantitative research

Therefore, it must be considered in some instances that a specialist may be required to help with some approaches of the research. In this study, the undertaking and validation of the analyses and interpretation of quantitative data was performed with the aid of a statistical consultant, and a combination of quantitative and qualitative findings was done through consultation with a mixed methods expert. Integration of qualitative and quantitative methods opened up for the researchers a greater overall understanding of governance of nursing professional practice in a hospital setting.

Mixed methods studies allow for greater relevance of research as long as the researchers know how to clearly identify the potentials and limitations of such research at the time of applying their methods, taking into account the nature of the object of their study when planning the research.

complementary relationship of qualitative and quantitative research

Mixed methods research aims at converging qualitative data and quantitative, the paradigmatic pluralism-thus, potentially reaching a broader answer to the problem or phenomena under investigation. To that end, the attribution of the desired weight for the qualitative and the quantitative data as well as the use of techniques for mixing data is essential for the quality of the mixed methods study. Finally, more specific studies on mixed methods research need to be conducted for the development of the method, as has been happening internationally, and to aid the researchers who make use of it.

It is in this sense that this study contributes a step towards the construction of such knowledge in the scope of mixed methods research and to future research in the health and nursing fields overall.

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complementary relationship of qualitative and quantitative research

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complementary relationship of qualitative and quantitative research

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complementary relationship of qualitative and quantitative research