Cheetara and tygra relationship

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cheetara and tygra relationship

Oh I would love love love!!! to see the tygra/cheetara cubs from the comics . IMO having cheetara in a relationship this soon kind stunned her. Tygra is the second in command and oldest Thundercat. He is an architect In this series, Tygra has retained his relationship with Cheetara. While Lion-O has accepted Cheetara's relationship with Tygra, he was unable to shake the angry feelings of being mislead by Cheetara from all their seemingly.

Cheetara continued to wait outside for several days and refused to move from that spot.

cheetara and tygra relationship

During that time, Tygra had been watching over her and gave her a flower as a sign of hope and strength. Eventually, Cheetara was finally accepted to the cleric's and although Tygra was happy for her, it also saddened him as he wouldn't be able to see her anymore.

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Love Triangle In the beginning, both Tygra and Lion-O both have romantic feelings for Cheetara after meeting her at different points in their lives. Due to their feelings for Cheetara, it causes a love triangle to start between them, wondering who Cheetara loves in return. Originally, everyone believed that Cheetara held romantic feelings for Lion-O as she always encouraged and supported him to the point where Tygra shows signs of jealousy towards her relationship with Lion-O and even the Thunderkittens tease the two of being a couple.

Lion-O knew he could not win the race in this way, but his sheer determination allowed him to.

cheetara and tygra relationship

Lion-O at first believed Cheetara had let him win, something which offended her, as the code of Thundera forbade such action. The distance they ran actually exhausted Cheetara's super speed, and she told him that his determination not to lose had allowed him to win the race.

Cheetara (2011 series)

Powers and abilities Cheetara is a female warrior, based on the cheetah, who is the only adult female ThunderCat until the later appearance of Pumyra. Her most notable physical ability is her incredible speed, which she uses in combat to evade and dodge attacks with ease.

During the episode " Pumm-Ra ", Tygra clocked her jogging speed as "thirty seconds for the mile" mph implying her top speed to be significantly higher than that. At her peak, Cheetara can sustain her top speed for about 2 miles before succumbing to exhaustion.

She also has an ability call ed her "Sixth Sense", which gave her the ability to see into past and future events, although this was also very taxing, such that she sometimes considered it a curse; these visions could come at random and when she forced them to appear, it could take days or weeks for her to recover.

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She could also sense danger to others which she attributed to "woman's intuition". Cheetara had a fondness for the "useless" metal gold.

cheetara and tygra relationship

In " The Telepathy Beam ", her powers no longer harm her. Her weapon was the baton or bo staff, which could extend to any length and shoot out energy beams. It was attached to a cuff on her left arm when not in use.

cheetara and tygra relationship

Survivor of the Anointment Trials Join Date: Originally Posted by moreprimeland Actually, I don't care for the whole 'mating' in the cartoon series, but it seems most folks get hung up on that, more so in some series than others. Since many of the cartoons are supposed to be targeting KIDS, I'd say let them find out about all the angst of love in real life.

cheetara and tygra relationship

And yeah, I know that the whole Lion-O aged while they traveled in space thing was brought up So the way I see it, Lion-O would be off limits to her. Frankly, it's a moot point, as far as the OS, Cheetara never was with any of the males and that's fine with me.

Cheetara (2011 TV series)

She was strong and independent, a warrior just like the other TC's, regardless of her gender. As for the Comic That's terrible that they wrote storyline in the series. They must have gone to some dark places in the comics.