Cancer man and pisces woman relationship

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cancer man and pisces woman relationship

Learn about this zodiac match. Ah, Cancer man and Pisces woman -- a true example of love! These two will fit well together from the start and. A Cancer man and a Pisces woman will fall deeply in love with each other because they both take time to care for their relationship. Pisces women and Cancer men are vulnerable spirits with a tendency to be introverted. Find out how these two personalities build a relationship.

It is a good thing that Cancer understands this and easily separates lies from intimacy.

Cancer & Pisces: Love Compatibility

Whatever the situation, they will both probably be patient enough to have just enough trust in one another for their relationship to work out. Usually they communicate just fine, but there are situations in which they could float away on an idea made out of words. Cancer is looking for someone with clarity on the use and the practicality of everything they mention. Pisces is everything but focused on practicality in most everyday situations.

If Pisces partner learns to be more silent, relying on their feelings, and starts fighting for what they wish for, they could sweep their Cancer off their feet. Everything that seems easygoing and positive might have a hidden negative note in the Pisces world, and Cancer feels rather than listens, which makes them a perfect companion for someone like Pisces.

When they sense this deep understanding, Pisces partner will return the favor by absolute tenderness and finally open up to their Cancer partner.

cancer man and pisces woman relationship

When they find this shared point of intimacy where true emotions are shared, this will affect all other segments of their relationship and be a fuel for it to have a fairytale ending. As much as they will both value being loved and cared for, Cancer will value a stable emotional situation and a cozy home to come to, while Pisces will probably value any chance for an emotional rollercoaster more.

It is often said that Pisces idealize partners and different things in life, but in fact they get depressed when there is no magic and perfect beauty surrounding them.

If their day to day life with a Cancer partner becomes anything similar to a boring routine, they will find a way to run off, find a lover or create any sort of truly exciting circumstances. A relationship with a Pisces partner is always exciting and inspirational, and Cancer will give it strength, stability and roots. Their compatibility is smooth and fulfilling for both of them. He has a witty sense of humor which highly intrigues her and puts a smile on her face at all times.

Pisces Woman – Cancer Man | Simply Sun Signs

A Pisces woman also feels secure and carefree under his sense of responsibility. A Cancer man also has a very unpredictable nature which highly intrigues her. He is a true savior and a soulmate for her as he knows exactly when to help her out and to protect her from the realities of the harsh outside world. She never even needs to ask him for help but he knows exactly when to intervene.

Sometimes, their stubbornness could become a barrier in their relationships but they both take this stubbornness in line with their emotions. The relationship compatibility between them can be an explanation of that between true soulmates. A post shared by tammykirks tammykirks on Oct 21, at 6: Theirs is a match in which both the partners never feel out of love for each other and their hearts always miss a beat in each other's presence. Theirs is a blend of eternal love and a true match made in heaven.

Their eyes always shine with love and affection for each other and they never need to adjust to each other's ways. The Cancer man sheds his insecurities and inhibitions easily owing to the love and devotion showered upon him by his Pisces wife.

cancer man and pisces woman relationship

A post shared by Bonnie Winston bonniewinstonmatchmaker on Nov 21, at Sex is also their way of dealing with difficult phases in their life as husband and wife. While in bed, they feel united as one as both of them have the shared element of water in their signs and feel the water flowing smoothly during their passionate sexual encounters. She feels aroused in his tender touch and he is intrigued by the way she responds to his passionate hug in bed. Their lovemaking can be described as mildly erotic and sensually pleasing and fulfilling to both of them.

The only problem in their marriage arises when the Cancer man due to his mood swings becomes a little too cold towards her. She, at that time does not feel loved by him and for her it is a constant need to feel loved and desired by him especially in bed. She too, at times gets a little too insensitive during an argument and hurts him by her sarcastic remark. But their arguments are very short-lived and they soon begin to float in their happy marital bliss.

The Cancer man can be stingy at times which highly infuriates his Pisces wife. He has a weak will and a tendency to lie at times. But the Pisces woman is capable of making him emotionally mature and within a few years of their marriage, these emotional upheavals soon begin to fade. The Cancer man needs to always keep a check on the Pisces woman drifting into her dream world and lose her touch with the real world.

This is the only problem between the two and once this is sorted, they will have no problem in their marriage relationship. Both of them are highly spiritual and emotional beings. They both love to express their emotions freely when with each other and their marriage will be a roller coaster ride of pain and joy.


They both create a loving and permanent home for their families. Neither of them is unfaithful and untrustworthy.

cancer man and pisces woman relationship

They both value relationships and will never do anything to harm their loving bond. They think like soulmates, have the perfect home, perfect life, perfect unison, perfect sex life and perfect love.

Both of them give priority to each other.

cancer man and pisces woman relationship

For both of them, family comes before their social life. They are also the perfect parents and the perfect examples of couples for their children. The Cancer man, despite being a water sign has a huge amount of strength and common sense which makes him appear as dependable and reliable.

cancer man and pisces woman relationship

Though his brains run in sync with his Pisces woman on the ground of emotions, he also knows when to get practical in life. As a man of the family, he knows how to run the family, accumulate finances and makes everyone's life secure.

The Pisces woman brings serenity into their lives and with her wisdom, also manages to calm the mood swings of her man. She is a spiritual woman who manages to get herself and her family out of problems through her meditation and spiritual connection. She has an inner radiance and an exceptionally calm aura that soothes the most irritated mindsets. She does not worry a lot and knows that certain things have to be left to time.

A Pisces woman is someone who lives in the present and teaches the same to her family.