Blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship help

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blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship help

it's possible that the Rizumo (Rin and Izumo) ship could happen? Subreddit for the manga/anime Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) by Kazue Katō how we expect rin and shiemi to have a relationship may not be true . help; site rules · Reddit help center · wiki · reddiquette · mod guidelines · contact us. How the awkward love hate relationship started! In My Mind Rin Okumura is the main protagonist of the story. He and his younger twin. See more ideas about Rin okumura, Ao no exorcist and Blue exorcist. grin hair_flower hair_ornament kiss moriyama_shiemi okumura_rin simple_background.

Rin Okumura is the main protagonist of the story.

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He and his younger twin brother, Yukio, were born from Satan and Yuri Egin. He attends the True Cross Academy to become an Exorcist.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship help

Mainly because until his 15th b-day he thought he was human but then Satan took over his adoptive father and killed him. She was on her way to the training ground and once she got there she summoned her Byakko spirits Mike and Uke She remembered the couple and silently said to herself "like I'd ever be that way with Okumura….

Izumo fights the ghoul unfortunately, instead of listening to her orders, they turn against her because of her confused feelings. Both Shiemi and Rin heard their screams and run to rescue them. When Rin arrives, he sees that the two Byakko spirits are about to attack Kamiki, but he manages to fend them off. He then tells Kamiki to rip the paper apart she has used to summon her familiars so that they would disappear.

Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi arrived soon after and told Rin to keep the Ghoul busy while she tends to Paku's wounds. She tells him of her dream to find the Amahara Garden, a legendary garden filled with plants from around the world, that her deceased grandmother had told her about. After some time, Yukio came, accompanied by Shiemi's mother. Telling Shiemi that Yukio had come to examine her legs, Shiemi then showed him her legs, which were covered in roots. Yukio immediately realized that it was the work of a Demon and asked Shiemi if she had ever talked to a Demon in the garden.

While Shiemi was telling him that she would never do such a thing, she suddenly collapses. When she woke up, she found herself in her grandmother's room, thinking about her grandmother and her death.

Shiemi reminds herself that she swore to protect her grandmother's garden. She then went outside to continue gardening. Rin, who was waiting for Yukio and Shiemi's mother to finish talking, told her that trapping herself in the garden was wrong, and that her grandmother would never have wanted that. He then starts to destroy the plants in the garden to find the Demon, while Shiemi, finally beginning to understand that her grandmother wanted her to follow her dreams, watched him. Yukio then appeared, claiming that Shiemi will walk soon after they exorcise the Demon.

Angered by this, the plant Demon of the garden, still hidden, told Shiemi that she had betrayed it. It then took over the roots in her legs and molded itself around Shiemi, so that Shiemi acted as a shield. Rin attempted to free Shiemi from the Demon's grasp unsuccessfully, while Yukio struggled to find out a way to separate the two.

He then pulled out a gun and shot Shiemi with a harmless bullet which contained a red weed killer liquid inside, appearing to have injured Shiemito which the plant Demon separated from her. Once freed, Rin killed the Demon while Yukio tended to an unconscious Shiemi.

After waking, Shiemi stood for the first time in years, and with encouragement, tearfully apologized to her mother for rejecting her. Shiemi's first day of class The next day, Shiemi had decided to enroll in Rin's class.

She was introduced as a new student by Yukio. She sat next to Rin and then thanked him for what he did. She also said that one of the reasons she came was to see Yukio as a teacher, while her eyes sparkled. During lunch, Shiemi tells Rin that she feels like she doesn't belong in the school because she doesn't really want to become an Exorcist. She then asks Rin if he has any friends.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship help

Shiemi and Rin's classmates appear and tease Rin about his close relationship with Shiemi, when they ask Rin if she's his friend. He blushes furiously and says no, Shiemi is highly offended by this. She is next seen watching Rin and Ryuji Suguro battle it out in practical athletics. Some days later, Shiemi arrives at the academy with a resolution.

Today she decides that she will make a friend. She sees Izumo and Noriko Paku in the halls and gathers the courage to talk to them, but ends up embarrassing herself by tripping. She sees Rin in the halls, but decides not to depend on him anymore and continues her pursuit to make friends and become stronger.

Does Shiemi like Rin in Ao No Exorcist?

Shiemi summons Nee for the first time In Magic Circle, Art of Sealing class, she learns that she has the potential to become a Tamer and even summons a Greenman spirit familiar. She decides that it's the perfect time to talk to Izumo since she also summoned a familiar. Izumo just insults her, but since Shiemi is naive, she takes it as a compliment.

Shiemi then names her familiar " Nee ". When Izumo leaves the classroom, Shiemi follows after her and asks if she can be her friend. Izumo says yes, deciding to take advantage of her kindness and make her do things for her like a servant.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship help

But, being the person she is, Shiemi doesn't mind. Rin takes notice of this and later tells her to stop it. Shiemi gets offended and runs off with Rin running after her. Yukio announces a training camp that will be hosted in his and Rin's dormitory since they are the only ones using it. After a written exam, Izumo and Noriko go to take a bath and Shiemi tags along.

However, Izumo tells Shiemi to wait because she doesn't want Shiemi to see her naked, but she requests some fruit milk for when she gets out of the bath. A little saddened, Shiemi goes to get the milk, but Rin sees her and tells her that Izumo is just using her. Then they hear a scream, and they realize that it is Izumo and Noriko. Rin tells Shiemi to go get Yukio while he heads to the bathroom to help them, but Shiemi follows after him. Arriving on the scene, they a ghoul that has burned Noriko and rendered her unconscious.

Izumo summons her familiars, but because Noriko had just told her that she didn't like people who made a fool out of others, Izumo's familiars turn on her because of her weakened heart. Rin tells her to tear the papers and she does so, hence making her familiars disappear. Rin distracts the ghoul, and Shiemi treats Noriko's burns with aloe, which she got from Nee. Rin is loosing against the ghoul and about to pull out his sword when Yukio arrives, alerted by the ruckus.

Ao no Exorcist - Rin & Shiemi (Shiemi takes Rin out of the prison)

The ghoul disappears, and Yukio thanks Shiemi for saving Noriko, making her blush. Summons Nee for help. Rin dashes to rescue her, and finds the insects swarming all over Shiemi's body.

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Seeing her head bleeding and her in an unconscious state, Rin yells out in anger for the bugs to get away from her, accidentally unleashing his blue flames. This was then spotted by Ryuji, who came to check on Shiemi as well, however Rin was able to get out of explaining the flames that Ryuji had seen.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship help

When Shiemi awakens, she screams out for Nee, remembering what the moth Demons did, crying while holding Nee's ripped magic circle. But Ryuji assures her that she could use another paper to summon Nee again.

For the strategy Konekomaru came up with to bring the Peg lantern back to camp, Shiemi's part was being in the wagon feeding the Peg Lantern the moth Demons as fuel. She is later carried by Rin in order to move the Peg Lantern to the other side of the bank.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship help

She and her friends are successful in moving the Peg Lantern back to camp and shortly after are attacked by Amaimon. Later, Shiemi starts to walk out of the protective circle, surprising the others, and Shura sees a parasite in the back of Shiemi's neck. Amaimon appears and takes Shiemi. Rin follows after him, but Amaimon's Behemoth blocks his path. Shura gives Rin the koumaken and holds off the behemoth while Rin goes after Amaimon.