Athrun and meyrin relationship quiz

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athrun and meyrin relationship quiz

"Hey Cagalli, how about we all go to the beach to relax for one day. It's just a small quiz, not a huge exam. Despite her many attempts, Athrun had not shown any real interest in developing their friendship into something more permanent. . Imagine how cool it will be if I have a relationship with Heine. This is a tale set post-GSD, Cagalli is Orb's representative, Athrun is PLANTs Chairman. . Their relationship would surely be filled with beneficial incidents. .. Cagalli takes a quiz in one of Lacus's magazines and leaves the magazine wide. Participating in the war between Coordinators and Naturals, Athrun .. Yuna is also Cagalli Yula Athha's fiancee by arranged marriage, a union that was.

Leave boss for letter marriage to sister

It sure did for Ace. Rouge - Complete The Road Home by tronderjenta reviews About the life of the sunny-boy and the tomato. Minato finds himself separated from where he wants to be, and who he wants to be with, again and again. In times of war, he shows an unusually cold side of himself - enemies fear him, but in reality, he's just homesick.

Rated M for violence mostly. I'm Coming Home by yuukuzuri reviews After a year apart, Usui Misaki is finaly coming home to where she belongs. Rated T for maybe sexy moments for the next chapters.

As the manga ending was more like a start of a new story which was waiting to be writtenso here it is. The ending of the old story. Beginning of a new adventure. Eternal Destiny by readwolflair reviews Peace, just like any relationship, is something you must constantly work at. When circumstance prevents Cagalli and Athrun from hiding their relationship from the public any longer, their peace is threatened.

The girls band together and form their own little "Housewife Club" where they discover the good and bad sides of fame and fortune. Once Erza is found, another problem arises, a problem that will question his strength and stamina, as well as his self-confidence.

Fairy Tail - Rated: Mostly but not limited to Athrun and Cagalli. Rated M for mature themes, just in case. Right Here Waiting by cherimai reviews Years after the war, and fighting various obstacles in their relationship, Athrun Zala has finally decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Unfortunately, a fatal car crash occurs that wipes out Cagalli's memory of the past few years. What will Athrun do to win her back, or should he let her go? Meanwhile past lovers, and priorities come back to haunt them once again.

This all started with a challenge. What a fun event this will be for UsuixMisaki. Sequel - When you were Mine, coming soon.

Usui - Complete Merry Christmas!

athrun and meyrin relationship quiz

This is my gift to you by Ethie-chan reviews Cagalli is running out of time to find the perfect Christmas gift for her red knight. With constant meetings and interruptions and a certain blue-haired distractionwhat's a representative to do? Athrun's poor attempt to make his proposal words much more creative than he did earlier in their relationship. How does Cagalli respond to him? And it's making Athrun quite jealous.

How will Athrun take this? Will playful activity inspire mischievous ideas for Kei in hopes of having fun on a rainy day? That is for Kei to know and for Hikari to find out. M-rated just in case. She wants to play so bad that she actually go and asks Athrun Zala, the captain of the club. The captain doesn't seem that reluctant to let her play, given a condition - she has to kiss him each day she wants to be playing. Is it that simple or is the captain planning something?

There is more than that meets the eyes, anyway. Red Hair and a Straw Hat by Stelra Etnae reviews 30 one-shots written for the lj 30onepiece challenge! The focal character is Shanks, with cameo appearances from Roger, Rayleigh, Benn, Yasopp, Makino, Luffy and many more some unexpected ones too!

Many of the entries feature Shanks' early years with the Roger Pirates, with the Red Hair Pirates making regular appearances as well.

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Rayleigh - Complete Worst Birthday Ever? This was the day of the year that Athrun had always been looking forward to. But some jerk decided to abduct her and keep her to himself. Athrun, with the help of Kira, now try to rescue the birthday celebrant before the day ends. Athrun Zala, a hero of war, is still lost and confused and starts to ponder on the reason behind the questions in his head.

They met, had a one night stand, and it led to so much more.

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Cagalli is the only person who is able to make him feel better. Besides Athrun is jealous of Yuna Roma Seiran! Athrun's Decisive Move to Orb by oceancity reviews After the events of the First Bloody Valentine War, Athrun Zala contemplates on his decision to stay with Cagalli as she heads back to her home-country of Orb for her duty as the new Chief Representative.

Andrew knocks Kira and Cagalli prone to protect them, and Kira keeps one of the terrorists from shooting Andrew throwing a gun at the terrorist and then kicking him.

Talk:Athrun Zala

Waltfeld brings Kira and Cagalli to his headquarters. Though they want to leave, he wants to thank them. Waltfeld's girlfriend Aisha takes Cagalli away to be cleaned up. Andrew has a conversation with Kira until Aisha brings in Cagalli in an elegant dress, much to the Cagalli's dismay. A humorous exchange between Kira and Cagalli is had after the formers states something about her being a girl.

Both adults find their verbal battle a little humorous. Andrew then reveals he knows Kira is with the Earth Alliance Forces. He points a gun at Kira and Cagalli and asks how the war will end, if it will be after all enemies are dead. He also says he does not know why Kira, a Coordinator, is fighting his own kind, but as long as he pilots the GAT-X Strikethey are enemies. Andrew then lets them go, since Kira has previously saved his life.

In this encounter with Andrew, Cagalli learns Kira is a Coordinator. In a battle between the ZAFT forces, lead by Andrew, and the Archangel with the aid of the Desert Dawn, seeing that they are outmatched in terms of numbers, Cagalli commandeers and pilots exceptionally the spare FX Skygrasper.

She is shot down but lands safely and the ZAFT forces retreat. After the battle, the Archangel leaves Africa, heading for Orb. Cagalli and Ledonir accompany them. While traveling on the Indian Ocean, she comforts Kira, who is upset about the deaths of people he failed to protect, and Andrew, the first person he killed who he knew personally.

Flay Allsterwhom Kira seems to have a convoluted and complicated relationship with, is clearly jealous of Cagalli's closeness to Kira. She finds a ZAFT transport ship and engages it in battle but is shot down, but not before shooting down the transport that just happened to be carrying Athrun Zala and his mobile suit.

Both end up being marooned on the same island, with Cagalli finding Athrun first. After being shooting at him resulting to an armed conflict between the two and having to deal with the awkward position of confirming that she was, in fact, a girl, she is taken by Athrun as a prisoner. She has her wrists and ankles bound and had to watch from the sand below as Athrun throws her only weapon away, her gun.

While trying to get to Athrun's mobile suit in her tied up stage, Cagalli accidentally ends up almost drowning in a small but deep puddle made by the rain where Athrun rescues her. An exchange of humorous banters is had between them that results in Athrun setting her free because she seemed like she couldn't be any serious threat to him. While waiting for retrieval, the two talk. Their viewpoints about the war clash, but they listen to each other with Athrun being the one to give up first knowing that it would get them nowhere.

He falls asleep on her, giving Cagalli an opening to steal his gun that she eventually throws away, resulting to it misfiring with the bullet grazing Athrun's side. This eventually leads to a mutual truce between them and they exchange names. They later rescued by their respective forces. Neither tells anyone about what happened on the island.

In episode 25, the Archangel with Cagalli on board, reaches Orb, though for political reasons the country claims the ship was driven off. She is clearly upset with Orb's secret weapons development on Heliopolis and blames her father.

athrun and meyrin relationship quiz

She tries to help Kira by reuniting him with his family, but he refuses to see them. Cagalli's concern over Kira culminates in her embracing him just before he leaves Orb with the Archangel, telling him not to die and to come back to see her again. These actions clearly distress her father and his parents. M - English - Romance - Chapters: But when her father secretly hires Athrun to protect her, the two don't get off to a good start.

Will they ever get along? Or fall in love?

athrun and meyrin relationship quiz

A Summer's Vacation by kimborliee reviews One summer, Cagalli goes back to her parent's homeland along with her family. All goes well for the beginning of the trip, but what happens when she meets someone unexpected? Will everything go as planned? After your finished, go read the sequel: What twists await just around the corner? Highly suggested for thos who love to read action packed drama in a war that has characters to find a love in such a dark time.

But InuYasha's daughter starts to develop feelings for Koga. How will InuYasha handle that? And will Miroku's son be left heartbroken for losin Inuyasha - Rated: When a past person stepped into her life, made her move on about her feeling toward her boss.

Suddenly he told her, he loved her? It was a good thing, right? Yes, if he had not changed. AC Gundam Seed - Rated: Once Upon A Time by muggle reviews Their relationship could best be defined as a series of stolen moments, hushed conversations, and secret kisses. She can only believe what Amiboshi tells her.

Has she completely forgotten Tamahome and all of her friends? Find out in this tale of denial and love. Fine was living happily while Rein was thrown in the prison.

To get her revenge Rein secretly plots evil plans in Royal Academy. Cagalli hated Athrun the moment that she laid eyes on him.

High School Drama by littlemsstrawberry reviews AU. He was as cold as ice. People nicknamed him "The Ice Prince".

Athrun and meyrin: Jolene

She on the other hand was as radiant as the sun, warming up peoples' hearts and giving them hope. What happens when the two meet? Will she be able to melt his hardened ice exterior? But what she had thought to be an easy task turns out to be more complicated when feelings start to get involved Will he let her in or will his pride have the last word? But what happens when he starts to fall for his target?

athrun and meyrin relationship quiz

LaRousse vs Petalburgh by bluejay reviews LaRousse and Petalburgh High School have been rivals at everything ever since the beginning of time especially when it comes to football. So how does the star of the LaRousse football team fall for the Petalburgh head cheerleader? T - English - Drama - Chapters: Hinamori chaos in high school by SaKuRaYukIe reviews she is a high spirited but also a hot headed girl who hates playboys… while he is the most popular guy in archangel Destiny high and not to mention the number one playboy in school.

What happens if their path crossed?

athrun and meyrin relationship quiz

AxC and other pairings Gundam Seed - Rated: The Captured Princess by Sanci reviews Princess Kagome runs away from royalty in disguise as a peasant and is captured by the rough bandit, Inuyasha. What will happen when he discovers she's holding exactly what he's been searching for?

The catch, they're partnered with SKIM, the most famous boy band group who have a cocky and arrogant vocalist