Aragorn and legolas relationship memes

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aragorn and legolas relationship memes

Legolas, Aragorn, Funny pictures about Way to not freak everyone out Aragorn. Fellowship of the Band Funny Memes, Hilarious, Tolkien, Band, Laughter. We've compiled a list of our 15 favorite LOTR memes that might make . Legolas has spotted Cersei and Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones. . If it's true, then the relationship is fairly one sided and we'd say maybe even abusive. In this comic, Gandalf is introducing Frodo (seen holding the ring) to. Lord Of The Rings; I always wondered what would've happened if Arwen left with her father like Aragorn and Elrond told her to, and left Aragorn to give his heart.

We've simply selected the memes that fit our topic and identified the ones we consider the funniest and most on-point. Battles Created by the talented Andy Kluthe over at Dorkly. Tolkien and Jackson when drafting battle scenes. This is a tactic that Tolkien uses a few times throughout, as well as a tradition that many famous fantasy authors still use. The other image, which is a hilarious animation of Legolas riding his shield down the steps of Helm's Deep firing arrows madly, captures what Jackson saw as important: This shift is one reason Christopher Tolkien, J.

Aside from being hilarious, it also highlights a change between the books and films. Say what you will about it, but most character manipulation is unavoidable in film adaptations. What typically happens in these situations is that multiple characters are melded together, creating fewer but better-defined characters.

aragorn and legolas relationship memes

We witness a quick montage-like sequence of these two falling in love and then they live happily ever after. Yet, while the books engage in this romance in more detail, Tolkien was not one to get overly mushy. In fact, what little romance exists between these two is probably the only true romance in the books.

Both the books and films complete their missions in different ways. Since the movies could never get away with such a costume, the name is abandoned and Merry recognizes her immediately. The second scenario is what we see in the meme. Admittedly, Jackson makes the reasoning ambiguous, but his version of the fight is clearly different than the books.

This beautiful meme also brings up an important change in Faramir's daddy, Denethor II. In the books, Denethor is not the raving lunatic he is in the films. While Boromir is the idealized and favorite son to both versions of the character, the book Denethor does not so openly despise Faramir. In the book, Osgiliath is not yet taken when Faramir is sent back. There's also the cause of the madness of Denethor.

Although, we're pretty sure there are plenty of mushrooms in the shire to go around. There's no way those hungry little hobbits don't snack on other goodies after second breakfast. We think their big pantries have other treats hidden away, it just makes sense.

You're telling us that they aren't the greatest gardeners ever? Look how green their lawns are!

aragorn and legolas relationship memes

We bet they've got some "grass" growing not too far from those hobbit homes. We wouldn't be surprised if they had a whole operation going. Our idea for a show Like a revival - all the rage now - but with a twist. We don't know too many women who love to go to male strip clubs or dance clubs but we know a lot of women who would pay to avoid this particular show.

Even with Orlando Bloom in the mix, it's just not enough to convince us that this is a good idea. Even just including Golem really ruins it for us. That expression is kind of a turn-off. No wait, it's an absolute turn-off. It's a libido murderer. There is no ring in Middle Earth that will change our tune. If we throw the ring into Mount Doom will they all go scrambling after it, like little obsessed dogs in a trance?

He's really good looking. It's no wonder they picked him for the role of the elf king who thinks he's better than everyone and better looking than everyone too. The only bummer is that as said elf king, he's also super creepy.

He has dead eyes and gives off a little bit of a weirdo vibe. Be right there gurl!

aragorn and legolas relationship memes

Still, it's a great sexy v-day card for that special someone. You gotta love inappropriate v-day cards and the time is approaching for their use!

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Pinterest Our eyes are burning too Legolas. Our eyes are burning too. In case you've been living under a rock. They're doing the nasty. This happens to be a clip from Season 1 of GoT and it's a particularly sexy scene. Except, did you notice? Cersei and Jamie have the same last name! And it's not because they're husband and wife. It's because they're brother and sister. So yeah, we get the wide-eyed surprise Legolas.

aragorn and legolas relationship memes

We're shocked too and really grossed out. Martin is one sick puppy but so are the HBO showrunners.