Apollo and kamineni relationship

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apollo and kamineni relationship

Read more about The four daughters of Apollo on Business Standard. of operations while Shobana Kamineni looks after health insurance. Sangita may be the youngest, but she and elder sister Shobana Kamineni were the first two to join Apollo Hospitals in Sangita has since. The Reddy offspring at Apollo have Indian health care covered four ways. Shobana Kamineni, 53, handles pharmacies and insurance, while.

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These days she is focusing on operations and IT in healthcare. She also works on integrating nutrition, yoga and alternative medicinal systems with the existing healthcare system. The Reddy sisters manage the company jointly. While Preetha heads the group as vice-chairperson, Suneeta is managing director in charge of finance and strategy, and Shobana, the third sister, executive vice-chairperson, heading the Apollo pharmacy chain and the Health Insurance unit. He has stayed at their home in Hyderabad.

She says it went well.

apollo and kamineni relationship

The consolidated net profit for stood at Rs Sangita joined Apollo Hospitals straight from college, in She took a break, soon after, for her postgraduate degree in hospital administration at Rutgers University, US, but her father called her back mid-way through the course. So Sangita moved to Chennai to help her father with the hospital business. Sangita took her second break inwhen she got married and moved to New Jersey, where husband Konda Vishweshwar Reddy was running a software start-up.

She spent part of that year working as an understudy to the hospital administrator at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York, an experience that taught her a lot. Soon after, Vishweshwar sold his start-up to GE and the couple returned to Hyderabad. Sangita, then 27 and pregnant with their eldest son Anandith, started working on restructuring loans and marketing for the next few years, till the hospital turned the corner. Almost all our net worth had been wiped out.

Vaghul in Hyderabad a few years ago reminded her of those old days. She orders a carrot and pumpkin soup and a watermelon juice for herself.

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The menu is full of healthy options such as whey protein shake and beetroot juice. She even got admission to the Madras Medical College. This had happened once before. She also did executive education courses at Harvard and the National University of Singapore. I have no regrets about not having studied medicine. Her journey—from a place where she implemented projects to heading Apollo Pharmacy, the fastest growing division in Apollo Hospitals—mirrors that of her sisters, all of whom worked their way up and around in the organisation.

Preetha recalls how all of them started their careers by spending time in various departments of Apollo Hospitals—from housekeeping to food and beverages to working with doctors. Eight Apollo Hospitals now have this gold standard.

Given the diversity of experience they had, it took a while for the family council to narrow down the roles that each sister would perform.

Suneeta is an introvert; Sangita is someone who thinks things through. We are not like peas in a pod. In this respect, a ground rule set by their mother Sucharitha Reddy has proved particularly useful.

The four daughters of Apollo

A firm believer in technology, she is also working on the digitisation of all patient records and making Apollo a paperless organisation. Vinayak Chatterjee, chairman of Feedback Infrastructure and an independent director on the board of Apollo Hospitals, has known the Reddy family for over a decade.

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He says he is yet to see sibling rivalry among the sisters. But Reddy underplays his own importance and, instead, credits his wife for the close bond between their daughters. She does it so subtly that you hardly notice it.

The Rejig That Mattered Tough as the experience was for such a close-knit family, the rejig was also an unavoidable exercise. And Apollo Hospitals would follow the same value system. That, however, does not mean that Prathap Reddy has taken a backseat. He continues to work eight hours a day, including on the weekends. We are empowered but we feel if it takes just a call to get his counsel, why not?

apollo and kamineni relationship

On a typical work day, Reddy takes the rounds of the wards in the Hyderabad hospital. But on Sundays, he likes to talk to the laundry and kitchen staff as well as the telephone operators. Reddy believes he has passed on the warmth he feels towards the Apollo staff to his daughters.

Though he no longer participates in day-to-day meetings, his daughters continue to consult him before taking a big decision.

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Suneeta Reddy Though the rotating chairmanship model is currently at a proposal stage—the family will have to arrive at a consensus—the model is being viewed as an optimal solution because equality between the sisters is a running theme. In the event that it does get accepted, Preetha, as the oldest, will take over as chairperson when the time comes. This will potentially be a seamless transition since she has always been seen as a leader by her sisters.

We all look up to her. We will have to find a model which takes care of that.

Apollo's succession plan: Rotating chairmanship for the four Reddy sisters

The only thing that sets us apart is our age. There is no rigidity about the order in which they assume leadership. But she cautions of some risks. And it is definitely not the right reason to think about that model. I believe that anyone filling that role should be required to meet specific criteria, which can be established and monitored by the board. What happens to the larger vision of Apollo? Will it change every time there is a new chairman? That is the way it should be. Otherwise it gets boring and monotonous.

And the goals that Apollo has set for itself are rooted in the initial vision of the hospital, when it was set up by Prathap Reddy. We will give you the same care. And it has delivered because it has been a doctor-driven hospital with a focus on hiring the right people and staff training. He recalls the intensity of research Reddy put in before hiring his staff. The attrition rate for doctors, who operate on a fee-for-service basis they are consultants who are exclusive to Apollo but not on its rolls is less than 1 percent in Apollo; the average attrition rate in hospitals is percent.

Thirty-one years after starting Apollo, Reddy continues to be involved in hiring doctors. In addition to growing the pharmacy, clinics and boutique hospital businesses, Apollo will add 2, beds over the next two years.