Alison eastwood and clint relationship

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alison eastwood and clint relationship

Clint Eastwood's daughter Alison at the Los Angeles premiere of The Mule dislikes him and holds a big grudge and that's not a relationship. Alison Eastwood, Clint's daughter with first wife Maggie Johnson, also .. During his relationship with Locke, Eastwood had an affair with flight. Clint Eastwood always nurtured the image of a family man far removed Eastwood and Maggie subsequently had two children, Kyle and Alison. His relationship with Roxanne Tunis, his mistress from his days on Rawhide.

The screen legend, who is father to seven children by five different women, has been through many public romances and breakups through the decades.

Click through to read about some of them. The couple met on a blind date and married six months later.

Clint Eastwood and Wife Dina Finally Divorce from Their Silly Marriage

But after a decade of marriage, the pair separated in Johnson and Eastwood officially divorced in May Roxanne Tunis Johnson and Eastwood's first separation came just after he welcomed his first child, Kimber Tunis, during an affair with actress-dancer Roxanne Tunis. Tunis and Eastwood met on the set of his hit series "Rawhide. Locke and the still-married Eastwood moved in together and made four more films together in the next 12 years before their highly publicized split.

Locke filed a palimony lawsuit against Eastwood inwhen he changed the locks on their Bel-Air home. After a protracted legal battle, they finally settled out of court.

Clint Eastwood’s daughter: Working keeps my father lively and young -

In her memoir, "The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly," Locke wrote that Eastwood persuaded her to have two abortions and a tubal ligation under false pretenses, accused him of sabotaging her directorial career after they split up and revealed that he secretly fathered two children with another woman during the last three years of their relationship.

Jacelyn Reeves The other woman Locke referred to was Jacelyn Reeves, a flight attendant, with whom Eastwood had an affair in the mids.

Their affair resulted in two children, Scott Eastwood and Kathryn Eastwood. The kids grew up in Hawaii with their mother, but saw plenty of their dad. Fritz Manes, a high school buddy of Eastwood's who helped produce 17 of his movies until he fell out of favourrecalls a row between the couple. He really decked her knocked her clear from the living room into the tub in the bathroom. The film's mixture of stylish photography and violent shootouts changed the face of the movie western, and the career of Clint Eastwood.

Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood: His numerous women and seven kids

By the early seventies, Eastwood was unquestionably the biggest movie star in the world, as well as Hollywood's biggest love cheat. His relationship with Roxanne Tunis, his mistress from his days on Rawhide, had yielded a daughter called Kimber.

alison eastwood and clint relationship

Loyal wife Maggie knew about most of them, but kept her counsel. Eastwood's ferocious sexual appetite was common knowledge in the movie industry, but his powerful star status not to mention regular photo-spreads depicting Eastwood as the home-loving family man kept the sleazy truth away from his fans.

He had several current and former mistresses dotted around his adopted town Carmel, including Roxanne Tunis. It was induring the filming of The Outlaw Josey Wales ironically, a western epic that drives home the importance of family life that the cosy facade began to crumble.

R.I.P Clint Eastwood’s Longtime Girlfriend, Actress Sondra Locke Due To This Reason

Eastwood chose blonde Sondra Locke, 20 years his junior, as the film's love interest. Barely into filming, he seduced her on their first date. After casting Sondra Locke again in 's The Gauntlet, Eastwood gave up any attempt at maintaining his public image. He and Locke were frequently photographed arm-in-arm at parties, often with Eastwood's children, Kyle and Alison, in tow.

For Maggie Eastwood, it was finally all too much. She contacted a divorce lawyer. Locke herself had a husband, Gordon Anderson, but if anything her marriage was more of a sham than Eastwood's, as Anderson was a homosexual. Inevitably, it couldn't last. Later, she had a second child by Eastwood, a daughter called Kathy.

alison eastwood and clint relationship

For a man with such an indiscriminate attitude to fatherhood, Eastwood didn't show any desire to start a family with Sondra Locke. Inbefore Eastwood's divorce from Maggie, Locke fell pregnant by him. Eastwood told her the time was not right for children and persuaded her to have an abortion.

A year later, she became pregnant again, and again Eastwood pressurised her to have an abortion, which she did. Eventually, Sondra Locke was sterilised.

In all, their relationship lasted 10 years, though Eastwood had cooled on it long before that. When Eastwood finally decided to split with Locke, he fell back on his usual pattern. He didn't actually tell her it was over, he simply began to pay less attention to her and more to other women as publicly as possible.

In one final, ignominious act, while Sondra was away filming, Eastwood had the locks on a Bel Air house house he had gifted to Sondra years before changed, and had underlings pack her personal belongings into boxes and leave them in the driveway for when she returned.

Inafter a bout with cancer, a mastectomy and years of tortuous legal battles, Sondra Locke finally won an undisclosed settlement from Eastwood.

The ugly split left his already tarnished image even more battered.

Clint Eastwood's Women

But by then he was already well on to his next woman, the British-born actress Frances Fisher, whom he met in while making Pink Cadillac. In fact, Eastwood and Fisher were already having a torrid affair as his relationship with Sondra Locke entered its final phase inevitably, both women were ignorant of the other's existence.

alison eastwood and clint relationship

With Locke out of the way, Eastwood and Fisher's relationship moved up a gear, and before long they were living together.