Aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship goals

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aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship goals

Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Haq Se's new season, not being on exciting for him - Rajeev Khandelwal on reuniting with Aamna Sharif My wife and I are thinking of cutting off the cable connection as no one watches TV. Aamna sharif with her husband Rajeev khandelwal.. Home Goals / Zero Waste Beyonce and jay z old photo couple favorite celebrities power couple. All the rumours about India's hottest TV star Rajiv Khandelwal crumble to I did a couple of plots for Doordarshan. . Amna Sharif & I made a good pair. Shroff have time and again been treating the fans with fitness goals.

No one knew the back story of Dr Naushad and wondered why he was like that and what made him the man he comes across as. It was an unanswered question. There is going to be a progression in the tales of all the protagonists. Haq Se was shot from start to finish like a film. It is not like we saw the success of season one and extended it. It is just that the makers decided to release it at different times.

How creatively satisfying was this project? I was a wonderful experience. Ken Ghosh, our director gave it a lot more than I expected. As an actor, you always wish your project shapes up in a certain way. You always feel it could be better. Ken took it at a level, which was way above my expectations. Haq Se was a web-series but nowhere did the makers cut corners.

I was mounted like a film, bigger than the film projects I worked on and the budgets were high. We shot in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and other scenic spots. Ken gave the show close to ten months. He took time to get every character and nuance right. How was it like working with Surveen Chawla? Surveen is a fab person. Both of us do not need to fake before one another. I can be totally myself before her.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship goals

I do not meet very often post shoot but every time we speak on the phone or text, we take off from where we left with our interaction in Manali. I feel our friendship will continue for many more years. You had a great debut with Aamir but your Bollywood career post that was somewhat bumpy. In retrospect, do you feel you could have done something better?

Aamna is very special to me: Rajeev | News - Times of India

They will also be close to my heart. They were all interesting projects. I'm happy that I am the only who did films, TV and web with successful projects in all the mediums. I was also a host. Very few have a career like this. I have done six to seven films with a success rate of 50 per cent.

Yes, while Shaitaan and Table No 21 worked, Fever did not. There are many others with a lesser success rate but they are in the news with lot of PR activities, being in the news for their party appearances or magazine spreads.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship goals

Social media is a such a huge platform but you seem to be very inactive on it when others are using it to the maximum It is different to be active and to be a salve. I don't feel the need in the morning to reach out to people telling the world what I am doing. My priority is me. What others are doing maybe the need of the hour, but I can't sell myself for more followers. I do interact with people on the roadside and give fans a lot of time say when I flying. If I am in plane and the person sitting next to me compliments me, I make sure I chat up with that guy or girl for around an hour.

That is my way of interacting. I do not feel the need to oversell myself and being inactive does not bother me. I have other things to do than to update my status. If the spotboys feel I'm not a good humanbeing then it'd be time for me to go for a reality check. Otherwise I don't care what's written about me. Did your break with Ekta Kapoor affect your career? We both know what happened.

Rajeev Khandelwal, Aamna Shariff back on small screen after eight years

It was a mutual decision for me to move on. Her ideas on how to play Sujal didn't jell with me. The actor within me couldn't agree with the way she wanted the role to be played.

I could've worked with Balajee for ten more years. But the liberties being taken with logistics in my characterization were unbearable.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship goals

I was being watched minutely by viewers. It was Sujal who became a rage, not Rajiv. The guy who's replaced you has no fan following. I don't know about that. I've stopped watching Kahiin To But when I'd go abroad as Sujal I'd be mobbed far more intensely than so many film stars. Women threw jewellery at me.

Did I've the right to enjoy Sujal's stardom when I was no longer enjoying playing him? But your post-Ekta sojourn Time Bomb hasn't worked? I won't be dishonest. I did my best on the serial. I can't comment on other departments of the serial. It did succeed in getting me out the chcocolate-box image which people thought was insurmountable. I think Sujal cannot be forgotten. But Varun in Time Bomb wasn't rejected.

Rajeev Khandelwal, Aamna Shariff back on small screen after eight years - NDTV Movies

People liked my action sequence. If I was ripped for it, that's ok. It means I make a difference.

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship goals

I don't go out my way to offend people. You left Kahiin To Hoga because it was illogical. What was so logical about Time Bomb? It would be improper to comment. But yes I had certain expectations.

  • Aamna Shariff Badly Ignores Rajeev Khandelwal

I tried to show it as 5. I'm not doing the 2nd season of Time Bomb. Where do you go from here? I'm doing a cameo in Sony's CID.

I'll hold back as long as I can. I'll try not to do routine stuff as long as I can. I won't do something mediocre. I want to work with intelligent people. You've said, never again with Ekta?

aamna shariff and rajeev khandelwal relationship goals

I never said that. I won't go back to Kahiin To Hoga. It's over for me. I don't know how people started these rumours about. I'm sure they too would never want me back.

Amna & me njoy love rumors: Rajiv Khandelwal

But if she offers me something I like I don't mind going back. You made a helluva difference to Kahiin To Hoga. I won't be modest. I know how popular Sujal was. We've been offered a number of films together. But it has to be something worthwhile. I've been offered a number of films. But I can't relate to them. I haven't heard something that excites me. Either it's a sex comedy or a meaningless romantic film.

Why don't they ask me to do something that'd justify my presence? I don't want to be in films just to encash on Sujal's popularity. I'm following my heart. I'm not here to make a difference.

I just want to do what I believe in. Right now I'm taking a month's sabbatical. I don't think I gave a mind-blowing performance as Sujal.