example) appear on the map key but not on Land of. Fate poster maps. These symbols may be used in future. AL-QADIM™ adventures and accessories. Land of Fate: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition, Al-Qadim, Boxed Set [Jeff Grubb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Travel to. The Land of Fate is the first big boxed supplement to the Al-Qadim line of AD&D 2nd Edition products. [b]Contents[/b] The box includes a perfect.

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A barely enlightened tribe of scavengers and horse thieves. I interceded for someone to a djinn, and now I feel responsible for them.

At 8th level you can sense truth and lies in the written word as well. My disregard for social norms raises eyebrows. Land of Fate 5e conversion Al-Qadim: But not much of Land of Fate matches the screwy imagination of the best Nights tales.

TSR Ad&d Al-qadim Land of Fate 2nd Edition 1077 RARE 1992

Mamluks based in Talab focused on protecting the water supply and nearby oases. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Returns: One contributor noted that it meant old in the sense of stale – “This cheese is old”. She’ll hurt me otherwise. Perhaps you fell from a tremendous height and didn’t stop falling for days as you crossed into the Elemental Plane of Air. You had a love of the call to prayer as a child, a deep calling to the Enlightened gods in your youth, and it brought you to the mosque first thing after school every day.

I think we did two years, then they added a third, and then we were asked for a fourth which would have included the Land of the Yak Men, which was going to be Tibetian in naturebut management changed their minds and so the line closed out.


Similar Threads Forked Thread: Djinn-Touched You have been marked by ap-qadim experiences with the djinni. Is the Sense Illusion ability of the Hakima automatic? Its statistics can be approximated using a Mephit of the appropriate type: Click here to view my other ebay auctions! The project in brief Myself and three other gentlemen are taking point on a quality conversion landd Al-Qadim to 5e, to be published for free on DM’s Guild.

I wrote a short adventure for its Episode Book on the invitation of Stewart Wieck.

AL-QADIM LAND OF FATE VF! # Advanced Dungeons Dragons AD&D TSR D&D Box Set | eBay

As an action spend 5 sorcery points to become immune to fire damage and generate an aura of flames up to 15 feet though you may choose to control it so it only encompasses 10 ft or 5 ft. Whichever, you have not been left unchanged by the experience. As a result, gods themselves were gathered into pantheons as opposed to having their own unique clerics, which again made the world feel more cosmopolitan. Or perhaps you touched an eternal flame burning in an ancient desert mosque and it changed you forever.

Use the Soldier background unmodified. At 17th level, you gain Truesight 60 feet whenever you cast al-qsdim divination spell that is not a cantrip; it lasts for 1 minute or the duration of the divination, whichever is longer.

Posting Quick Reply – Al-qadiim Wait. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab.

What happens to a Tasked Genie Bond when the time runs out? Avoid maritime hazards, such as ice melting enough to be cracked by the ship’s prow or a swell carrying the hull just over sharp reef.


Specialists in exploration and recovery of lost magic items. Sunday, 16th July, This list is not all-inclusive — it encourages the player and DM to make up their own ritual if they wish to improve the Gen in a way not listed in the book. At level 18 you can assume a form made of living water. Your gen familiar resembles a tiny degenerate version of the kind of genie your patron is dao, djinn, efreet, or marid ; these are called daolanin, djinnling, efreetikin, and maridan respectively.

The others committed to the project have skills in copyediting, game design, and writing.

Al-Qadim – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Previously on Grubb Street: Of Two Worlds You have been marked by the eldritch forces of the djinni. If we did them all we didn’twe would end up with a huge mega-map.

Totem warriors belong to tribes sharing the name of their totem spirit; they re-skin Bear as “Yak” or “Elephant”, Wolf as “Saluqi” a desert houndand treat Eagle as it is.

Perhaps you are the descendant of a mortal who coupled with a sylph or an elf descended from the avariel winged elves. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. I’ve been given a rare gift, and I must use it for the betterment of all.

While hakima may revere specific gods often Hakiyah and Korthey have lnd own domain. It’s kind of disappointing to have to wait until 10th level to summon jinni. At level 1 gain proficiency in Wisdom Survival checks.