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Cute and Funny Names for Your Pet Snake

S…S…Snake Names The colors and patterns on your pet snake rings a bell when you are combing through a name list for the most appropriate one. For example, Spots or Ebony are eligible names for the Black Corn Snake. Rainbow is an apt name for a snake pet with multi-colored skin. Snakes are fascinating but may not be suitable as… Read more »

Cute and Funny Names for your Baby Elephant

Getting home a baby elephant is not the same as bringing home a cat or a dog. It requires extensive care and a huge space for their growth. Caring for a baby elephant comes with its own set of duties and high commitment not to forget the legal formalities involved. Young elephants are loving and obedient to their owners. These… Read more »

Cute and Funny Pet Monkey Names

Monkeys in Space! Gordo, Able, Baker, Goliath, Bonnie, Abrek, and Bion are names of some of the monkeys who were sent in outer space. Be absolutely sure about the legal paperwork and consider the pros and cons before thinking of owning a pet monkey. Other than that, they’re indeed smart companions and will certainly become a part of your family… Read more »