Cute and Funny Names for Your Pet Snake

Funny names for pet snake

S…S…Snake Names
The colors and patterns on your pet snake rings a bell when you are combing through a name list for the most appropriate one. For example, Spots or Ebony are eligible names for the Black Corn Snake. Rainbow is an apt name for a snake pet with multi-colored skin.
Snakes are fascinating but may not be suitable as pets for everyone. However, if you have already made up your mind to get a snake as a pet, it is time now to name it. Naming a pet can be a tricky yet beautiful task―the first and most important step towards making it a part of your family. Here’s a pet who may not respond to its name, but a feel-at-home ambiance is the best way to welcome it.

Factors that determine suitable names for your pet are color, size, age, gender, and last of all, the personality of your snake. Select the name that is most appropriate and fitting. Here’s Buzzle’s handy list of famous, cute, popular, funny snake names at your disposal.

♦ Balthazar ♦ King Tut ♦ Executioner ♦ Panther ♦ Andromeda ♦ Jet ♦ Gertrude ♦
cute snake names fluffy boots coco frosties caramel mocha dee buttons
♦ Mr. Fluff ♦ Sweetie ♦ Candy Cane ♦ Butterscotch ♦ Bijou ♦ Lulu ♦ Beedy ♦ April ♦ Bo ♦ Cherry ♦ Chocolate ♦ Prince Charming♦

♦ Spaghetti ♦ Worm ♦ Tangle ♦ Rumplesnakeskin ♦ Slip ♦ Squiggles ♦ Mr. Wiggles ♦ Ice Flurries ♦ Flicker ♦ Sneaky ♦ Pretzel ♦ Slim ♦
♦ Hecate ♦ Lambert ♦ Ray ♦ Jacques ♦ Derek ♦ Robert ♦ Carlos ♦ Norris ♦ Oliver ♦ Razor ♦ Raphael ♦ Crusher ♦ Elvis ♦ Drago ♦ Hunter ♦ Monty ♦ Mr. Crowley ♦ Thanatos

Cute Male and Female Pet Goat Names

Pet goat names

Quick Tip
If you are planning to get a pet goat, remember they are herd animals and will not thrive if kept alone. So plan to get a pair of goats or other farm animals along with a goat.
Naming a pet, any pet, can be slightly tricky, you don’t want the name to be too short, long, or old; you want it to be something different and unique. But, most importantly, you want your pet to respond when you call them.

Popular Male Names
Abbot, Donald, Fitzgerald, Zeke, Tray, Oliver, and Victor
~ Abbot ~ Abaco ~ Abel ~ Alston ~ Buster
~ Blaed ~ Buck ~ Billy ~ Casper ~ Cisco
~ Clatus ~ Chad ~ Dillon ~ Donnel ~ Donald
~ Dion ~ Edgar ~ Elvis ~ Elmo ~ Elijah
~ Fitzgerald ~ Fanny ~ Fabio ~ Ferris ~ Gian
~ Xander ~ Xanthe ~ YoYo ~ Yankee ~ York
~ Yves ~ Zen ~ Zeus ~ Zeke ~ Zylen
~ Qusay ~ Rambo ~ Ralph ~ Rio ~ Rico
~ Sam ~ Santa ~ Sean ~ Sky ~ Tarzan
~ Ted ~ Tito ~ Tray ~ Uno
~ George ~ Gator ~ Galino ~ Hal ~ Hank
~ Hawk ~ Harold ~ Ian ~ Iggy ~ Ivan
~ Inca ~ Jacob ~ Jax ~ Jasper ~ Jinx
~ Kale ~ Kris ~ Kelvin ~ Kinger ~ Lex
~ Logan ~ Liam ~ Loris ~ Mark ~ Matrix
~ Martin ~ Marco ~ Nate ~ Nigel ~ Noel
~ Nutty ~ Oliver ~ Oscar ~ Oak ~ Oj
~ Pablo ~ Pete Paulo ~ Phil ~ Qazar
~ Quintin ~ Quinn ~ Uther ~ Uriel ~ Umar
~ Vito ~ Victor ~ Van ~ Vlad ~ Waylon
~ Whisky ~

Cute and Funny Names for your Baby Elephant

Funny name for baby elephant

Getting home a baby elephant is not the same as bringing home a cat or a dog. It requires extensive care and a huge space for their growth. Caring for a baby elephant comes with its own set of duties and high commitment not to forget the legal formalities involved. Young elephants are loving and obedient to their owners. These cute little animals are fun to watch, especially when they take their first baby step, or are trying to figure out how to use their hose-like trunks.
If you decide to own one, make sure you are willing to take on the responsibility of naming them. Always remember your cute little baby elephant is going to grow up and become really huge, so choose an appropriate name for it. Well, of course, you may be slightly confused, but if you can’t decide a good and unique name, we are here to help you out!! Trumpet your way through the Buzzle list and select the best for your baby elephant.

Famous Fictional Names
★ Babar ★ Colonel Hathi ★ Dumbo ★ Elmer ★ Horton ★ Heffalumps ★ Mardji ★ Manny ★ Oliphaunt ★ Shep ★ Snorky ★ Stampy ★ Tantor

Famous Non-Fiction Names
★ Abul-Abbas ★ Batyr ★ Cator ★ Hanno ★ Hansken ★ John L.Sullivan ★ Mary ★ Old Bet ★ Pollux ★ Ruby

Baby Girl Elephant Names
★ Alaska ★ Aldrea ★ Alexis ★ Bibbles ★ Bubbles ★ Buzby ★ Caramel ★ Chesty ★ Cubby ★ Daisy ★ Dazzle ★ Dinky ★ Elsie ★ Esmerlda ★ Elysia ★ Fuffy ★ Flopsy ★ Gnash ★ Georgiana ★ Giggles ★ Holly ★ Hiccup ★ Helga ★ Isabella ★ Inky ★ Jingles ★ Jasmine ★ Koko ★ Kyra ★ Levyna ★ Lovey ★ Mia ★

Pet Therapy

According to researches, pets are genuinely-endowed with healing qualities for their owners. They are effective especially in the case of elderly people, whose main dilemma does not seem to be illness, but solitude and all the negative feelings it brings about. Loneliness seems to be one of the upsetting things for people. Affection can have a curing effect on humans, not to mention the unconditional love a pet may show to its master. Pets generally have a calming influence, distracting people’s attention from inner states of pain, fear, loneliness, or rejection. Similarly, it also brings about a bonding in people who share a common love for animals.

It has been proven that those patients staying in hospitals who got visits from either their own pets or from some agency pets were generally more open to medical treatment and healthy feeding. Animals give patients the idea that life is worth living, be it only for them to be able to take care of their beloved companions. Those that are most receptive to pet therapy are children and senior patients. Due to such loyal animal friends, such patients are likely to get better sooner than under normal conditions. Pets bring joy, amusement, unconditional acceptance, and loyalty to their owners’ lives.

Animals that are commonly used in these therapies are dogs, cats, parrots, or such domesticated animals, farm animals, and even marine mammals. These animals have a calm, gentle personality and are people-oriented. They need to be comfortable with attention and petting and not be shy. In addition, they need basic obedience training and should be conditioned to sudden noises. They provide an invaluable service to those who are lonely, abandoned, or ill. Studies have shown that patients are more comfortable with therapists who come with animals. They find

Pet Safe Weed Killer

Pet-safe weed killers

Nowadays, a whole array of pet safe products are available in the market, so that you can ensure the safety of your pets, to a great extent. They include pet friendly fences, doors, plants, etc. Even fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers have to be chosen in such a way that these products do not cause any harm to your much-loved pet. It may happen that exposure to the chemicals in any of these products may cause health problems in pets. If you have a yard or garden, then use of these products is indispensable. If your pet is not allowed in these regions, then there is no danger. Otherwise, you have to be cautious while applying store-bought fertilizers, pesticides or weed killers. You may either prevent your pet from entering the yard or garden or use pet safe products.
Home Remedies
If you are not interested in using synthetic weed killers, then try natural and homemade ones. Homemade weed killers can be made at home with some easily available materials. This way, you can also save some money. The following are a few methods of using some household items as weed killers, which are also pet safe.

Weed Killer with Vinegar
Use a mixture of two parts boiling water and one part vinegar and spray it on the weeds. For tougher weeds, this mixture should be used repeatedly. You can even add some clove oil or lemon to increase the potency. If the area to be covered is small, then use a spray of plain white vinegar. Vinegar is available in different strengths – 5% (regular), 10% (pickling) and 20%. It is better to use 5% or 10% vinegar, as 20% is very strong and can be harmful.

Boiling Water Treatment
As we all know

How to Protect Your Pet from Summer Heat

So, the summer is here. It’s breezy outdoors and you feel like taking your pet outside and playing with it. But wait a minute! Can your dog take the excess summer heat? If it plays or sits in the sun, can it led to a heatstroke? Well, the answer to both these questions is unfortunately yes! Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat. This means that they do not have a system in place in their bodies to dispense heat. Thus, they need to be protected from the scorching sun, even more than humans!

How to Protect Pets from the Summer Heat

Clip its Fur
The simplest thing that you can do is to trim its coat and reduce the fur on its skin. When you do this, your pet will itself be able to maintain its body temperature. This will prevent the heat from building up in its body. However, make sure that you do not over trim, as the fur covering also acts as a protector from the sun.

Don’t Leave it in the Car
A grave mistake people make is to leave their dogs in the car, in the parking lot, while they are out shopping. You would be surprised to know that as cars can get heated very quickly, it can lead to a heatstroke in your dog. In fact, there have been many incidences where dogs have actually died because of this!

Keep it in Shade
As far as possible, keep your pet in the shade. Reduce outdoor play time to the minimum. And, even when it moves outdoors, ensure that it plays under a tree or any other structure. If this seems an uphill task, the least you can do is to provide access to the house. So that whenever it feels hot,

How to Choose the Best Pet Carrier

How to choose a pet carrier

If you are planning to take your pet on a trip, get the carrier well in advance so that the pet has time to get accustomed to the carrier.
Whether you want to take your cat to the vet or on an extended road trip, a pet carrier is the best option for keeping your cat or dog safe during the trip. The small confined space makes the pet feel secure, and allows you to transport it with ease.

Choosing the right pet carrier is bewildering, considering the different styles and designs of pet carriers available in the market. What is important is to find the carrier in which your pet is comfortable. Here are some tips that allow you to select the best pet carrier.
Parameters for Choosing the Best Pet Carrier
▸ Size
▸ Quality and Design
▸ Safety and Stability
▸ Temperament of the Pet
▸ Airline Requirements (in case of carrier use during air travel)
Types of Pet Carriers
Based on the construction, there are three basic types of pet carriers available in the market, two of which have been depicted in the images below. They include:
Soft Carriers: These gym-bag-like carriers with their soft nylon fabric and hard bottom are more durable than cardboard boxes. The bags have mesh-like ventilation on the sides and zippered openings at the sides and top. These carriers often have shoulder straps which are great for easy transport, and unlike hard crates they are easier to carry. The only downside is that cleaning these bags is extremely time-consuming and difficult.

Hard Carriers: Made of durable polypropylene and high-impact plastic, these sturdy pet carriers are well-ventilated on the sides. These type of carriers are easier to clean and often require just a

Identifying Depression in Your Pets

The boss wasn’t benevolent enough all day. Umm, nor was the girlfriend. It was a hard day, and to top it all, it rained heavily, drenching and disgusting you to the core. But… the moment you step inside the house after a long day at work, you see a pair of those luminous eyes sprinting towards you to ask you about your day, in a language that only you two understand. Those cuddly licks on your face bear off all tensions magically, and you look forward to dinner with ease now. How on earth did you forget the hard knocks you faced at work in a jiffy? Perhaps, it’s your fur-ball that brings out the best in you every time you’re with it. You sigh in relief, and pour all your love onto the four-legged cutie resting on your lap.

But from quite some time, you find something strange in your pet. It doesn’t run to you the way it used to after you came back from work. Instead, there it lays, in a lonely corner, with its eyes expressing all the plight. Too bad, you take time to figure out what’s wrong. But you don’t leave your family and loved ones alone in misery, do you? The moment you notice the slightest change in your pet’s behavior, it’s time you do something about the aching emptiness that has made your pet’s life difficult. Sometimes, you just have to look for the most obvious signs of depression in pets. Following indications of stress and despair are worth mulling over.

Signs of Depression in Pets

Unexplained Lethargy
At how many instances did you knock your pet out for creating a ruckus around the house! No matter how much of a hullabaloo your sweetheart created, you loved it. But

How to Keep Your Pet Occupied When You’re Not Home

How to keep your pet occupied when you're not home

Domesticating animals and keeping them as pets is an age-old practice, which humans have been carrying out since centuries. Earlier, pets always had company and were constantly around some member of the family. But with today’s fast-paced life and hectic schedule, our pets are forced to stay all alone at home with no entertainment or companionship.

All working pet owners will agree with me when I say that our hearts break into little pieces when we leave our beloved pets at home, without anyone else for company. The worst part is that when we come back, they greet us without getting angry and do not show any attitude. They just shower us with unconditional love and relieve us off the day’s stress. When they are so forgiving towards us even after being left alone, then the least we could do is come up with ways to keep them occupied throughout the day.

A word of caution – avoid giving your pets toys made of plastic or those with any metal parts, as their sharp edges might damage your pet’s gums or other areas.

Given below are steps that can be taken to ensure that your pet is occupied with something or the other while you’re not at home, without making a complete mess of the house.

Basic Needs

Never leave the house without ensuring that there is enough food and water for your pet. Keep at least two bowls of water for your pet, so that he is hydrated well enough throughout the day. Depending on how long you’re going to be away for the day, you need to keep food accordingly so that he doesn’t remain hungry. You could also surprise him by hiding treats in easy-to-find places all

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pets

Benefit of coconut oil for pets

We, as pet owners, often go to great lengths to take care of our pets. Be it buying expensive grooming products, going to the vet frequently, or unfailingly following feeding guidelines for our pet, we do whatever it takes to keep our animal companions healthy. However, did you know that coconut oil, that is easily available and affordable, can contribute immensely in maintaining your pet’s health.

Coconut oil has long been popularly used by humans for its high medicinal value. Derived from fresh coconut meat, the virgin coconut oil (VCO), is often regarded as ‘mother of all oils’ as it is found to be a good source of essential nutrients. When incorporated in your pet’s lifestyle, coconut oil can offer the following health benefits for your furry friends.

How is Coconut Oil Beneficial to Your Pet?

A number of studies have shown that lauric acid―an important constituent of coconut oil―has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Feeding coconut oil to your pet can strengthen its immune system, in turn protecting your pet against a wide range of infections.

Promotes Healthy Coat
Is your pet having irritated, itchy, flaky, dry skin? Fret not! Giving coconut oil internally or applying it externally can help improve your pet’s skin health. For a smoother, healthier skin and coat, many prefer to massage their pet with coconut oil. It also provides a great way to pamper your pet, but more importantly, it can leave the skin and coat clean, renewed, and shiny.

Work from head to toe, and massage it until the oil gets completely absorbed into the skin. Just 5-10 minutes of regular massage is an easy home remedy to keep your pet’s skin healthy.

After topical application of coconut oil, pet owners often give a quick bath to